Total Touch Protection Works Everywhere

Total Touch Protection Works Everywhere

Total Touch Protection takes a unique aproach to cleaning practices. MediDefense products are designed to work in unison at a microscopic level to keep the surfaces around us cleaner 24/7.

Who Can Benefit Form MediDefense Total Touch Protection?

  • Health Care

    Medical facilities and related healthcare environments are constantly under attack from microbial contamination. These facilities are responsible for the care and well being of every person that comes through the doors. Total Touch Protection can help medical and healthcare related facilities create cleaner, healthier environments by reducing the risk of germ transmission in patient rooms, operating rooms, public areas, exam rooms, restrooms, emergency and triage areas, nursing stations, treatment rooms, labs, cafeterias, dietary services and ambulance interiors. Total Touch Protection can greatly reduce the risk of pathogenic transmission on virtually every at risk surface that healthcare professionals, first responders and patients may come in contact with.

  • Corporate Buildings

    You spend most of your day at work, a place where viruses and bacteria from every person that enters the building are spread to the surfaces you use on a daily or hourly basis. The elevator buttons, restrooms, copy machine and even the coffee pot in the break room are all common transfer points. Viral and bacterial contamination can spread quickly throughout an office environment where sanitation protocols are often times much less of a concern then those of healthcare environments. Total Touch Protection can cost effectively maintain a cleaner, healthier office environment between scheduled cleanings especially when compared to the potential loss of productivity from employee related illnesses.

  • Hospitality Industry

    The hospitality industry deals with a variety of potentially catastrophic issues relating to germ transmission and microbial contamination. These issues range from food borne illnesses and health department shutdowns to simple everyday touch surface contamination from personal contact. We are all too familiar with illness outbreaks associated with restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, event facilities and cruise ships, but there is hope! Total Touch Protection can help keep your business thriving by protecting critical environments and reducing the risks of odor and stain causing microbial contamination on touch surfaces, keeping kitchen and wait staffs, house keeping, janitorial staffs, guests, passengers and patrons safer and healthier.

  • Transportation Industry

    There may be no greater conditions that exist for the spread of germs than in our personal or public transportation systems. Condensed populations and forced human contact create breeding grounds for disease causing viral, bacterial and fungal contaminants. We are all too familiar with the results of germ transmission in our transportation environments, but there is hope! Total Touch Protection helps safeguard passengers and crews by inhibiting odor and stain causing microbial contamination threats from hitching a ride on anything from automobiles to planes, trains and everything in between.

    In addition to the machines that move us; airports, terminals, stations or any transportation hub we may encounter are contributing vectors of germ transmission. Public health and safely are at-risk in these environments. Condensed populations and the transient nature of these facilities promote the rapid spread of germs. Total Touch Protection is the perfect solution for reducing the spread of odor and stain causing microbial contamination threats in such at-risk environments.

  • Athletic Facilities

    Fitness centers and athletic training facilities house some of the most at-risk environments for acquiring infections. Total Touch Protection offers the most comprehensive solution to reducing the spread of odor and stain causing microbes throughout these facilities with our suite of highly powerful and effective products.

  • Educational Institutions

    The most important resource we have is our children and young adults. Our primary goal as a society should be to keep them as safe and healthy throughout their learning years as possible. Academic campuses are notorious for the rapid transmission of germs. Condensed and transient populations, questionable hygiene practices and sick students are a recipe for microbial overload. Locker rooms, hallways and classrooms, are transferring germs every second of every day. Total Touch Protection helps educational institutions achieve cleaner, healthier environments for students and faculty by reducing odor and stain causing microbial contaminations.

Around The Clock Surface Protection

Around The Clock Surface Protection

Penetrexx Antimicrobial (biostatic) Around the clock touch surface protection from odor and stain causing bacterial, fungal and mold contamination. Touch surfaces are a common hot spot for microbial growth as well as bacterial transmission. Even when used as directed traditional cleaners remove the bioload on a surface and then leave surfaces susceptible to re-contamination within seconds. Until now there has been no way to keep surfaces protected from the transmission of odor and stain causing microorganisms between cleanings. Penetrexx Antimicrobial Finish is an EPA registered Biostatic surface finish which imparts a durable microscopic barrier onto treated surfaces. The Penetrexx Antimicrobial Finish has been proven to reduce odor and stain causing microbial contamination.

Eliminates The Microbial Source Of Odors Embedded In Fabrics

Eliminates The Microbial Source Of Odors Embedded In Fabrics

mPower Laundry Detergent is specially formulated to work with the Total Touch Protection suite of products. mPower embeds a layer of protection into fabrics and textiles during the wash cycle. This technology helps keep laundered fabrics looking and smelling fresh between washings.

Advanced Formula Extends Protection Up To 8 Hours

Advanced Formula Extends Protection Up To 8 Hours

mPulse Hand Sanitizer redefines the hand sanitizer market with advanced technology that extends protection up to an unprecedented 8 hours! mPulse Hand Sanitizer is highly effective at killing 99.99% of everyday germs.

Unlike traditional alcohol based hand sanitizers, mPulse Hand Sanitizer extends an invisible layer of protection onto your hands protecting them for up to 8 hours and multiple hand washings. This advanced level of protection comes with the added benefit of an alcohol-free formula that will not dry-out, crack or strip away your skin's natural oils, leaving your hands silky smooth day after day.